Thursday, December 6, 2012

Red Riding Hood

"Everything I knew was different. I saw it all differently. All the lies. My mother's, my father's"

my new red riding hood item, its keychain, but I make it into a necklace. bought it last saturday with my cousin and friends
You guys may know, that I'm so in love with red riding hood and alice in wonderland.
I'm a huge fans of fairy tales, tapi bukan yang princess-princess-an, its kinda like red riding hood and alice in wonderland, both are my favorite among all.
Dan, aku lebih suka versi dark-nya. why? cause not all the story will have an happy ending.. dan kak Fitri (sepupu) sendiri bilang, tipe-tipe drama korea atau film kesukaanku pasti yang not happy ending, like IRIS, jungle fish 2, snow white and the huntsman.. the dark one.
my blackberry skin case, it's Alice in Wonderland, udah lama banget, sekitar bulan Juli kemaren.
So, today, I watched Red Riding Hood movie.. I've know the movie since it released, but I don't have time to watch it.
Dari film itu aku mendapat beberapa pelajaran dan maknanya..
Siapa sangka, sang ayah dari si tudung merahlah serigala itu.. 
 In the end, she has to choose to kill his father or became werewolf, its cruel huh?.. and his love, turn to werewolf too...
I really remember Valerie last words "Everything I knew was ripped apart. I saw it all differently. All the lies. My mother's, my father's"
this is her fate, she cant choose, she has to accept it. The fact that she's werewolf's daughter. The fact that his sister is not her blood sibling, the fact that her mother not love her father.

Awalnya aku meragukan akting Amanda Seyfried, but kadang yang kita ragukan itu justru membuat kita takjub. After watch the movie, aku sadar, peran red riding hood itu memang untuk Amanda Seyfried, dia bisa membawakan karakter Valerie dengan sangat baik.
Scene paling "cantik" itu menurutku pas dia disorot dari atas, ngambil potongan tangan itu. So beautiful!

Alice in Wonderland, Red Riding Hood, Snow White and the Huntsman..
I've watched all, do you know else, maybe? Just tell me!

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